Turning 40 hit me in a funny way because it made me realize just how fast that first 40 years went! Yikes! As a mom, watching my now-eleven year old grow and change so fast before my eyes (in a world that I swear gets further and further from our Savior) I have a burning desire to be available a bit more.

You see, retail NEVER stops. And it has changed drastically in the many years that I have been in it. Who would have dreamed we would be having to do silly, catchy reels?! Also, ever heard the phrase “when you get so busy working IN your business, you won’t have time to work ON your business.”? Okay, well THAT hit me hard. There are literally not enough hours in the day for me to work on inventory processes to upload to website, steam, tag, continually train and encourage staff, merchandise the store, visit with and get to know our ever-growing clientele, clean, create meaningful content, offer styling advice … and the list goes on.

I’ve been able to (somehow) sustain this constant pace of doing all the things but some days it’s just too much. Then I’m quickly reminded that at the end of the day it’s about being a welcoming environment to every person who chooses to walk through our doors or shop with us online.

Here's what I wish for you and all of our customers. 

Stop idolizing other women that you see on social media wearing what they put together. YOU are just as fabulous and have a mind for your own self. That’s the best part about being a woman…to express yourself through clothing. To mix and match and come up with creative looks that make you feel beautiful and confident.

I know you’ve heard this “be yourself because everyone else you keep comparing yourself to is already taken.” Or “comparison leads to lack of contentment.” One of my faves “you’re comparing their director’s cuts with your behind the scenes.” And lastly “comparison is the root of all evil.” I know this one all too well.

A person’s out-of-control and unhealthy thoughts can lead them to do such hurtful, damaging, unwarranted things. Let’s use our lives to uplift, encourage and just BE REAL. Allow yourself to be vulnerable. Allow yourself to take risks (if, of course, they’re safe and just).

Let’s lighten this mood and lessen the life severity … take fashion risks! Quit wanting to buy everything “influencer girl” says you NEED. Figure out what you actually like and just go with it. If you’re anything like me, you have lots of fashion personalities.

I’m a minimalist at heart - I love to elevate a great pair of jeans and a basic top with great shoes, my Ronaldo bracelet stack, some earrings and a layer or 2 of necklaces, but I also love to throw on a striking dress, add a belt for an added, unexpected element. “Every day the world is your fashion runway.” Let’s start caring about our appearance and put our best foot forward. I know I’m in a better mood and feel more productive and confident if I feel good in my clothes.

Thanks for reading. Again, I’d love to hear from you!

Live a styled life,


April 24, 2023 — Meagan Matlock