Funny thing is we live in a society that doesn't think twice about a $7 coffee but reluctant to spend money on quality clothing that you don't have to replace so often. 

Depending on your "quality over quantity" wisdom when it comes to investing into staple pieces for your wardrobe, you may fall into one of two categories. Today we are going to talk about a mid-price range brand, Z Supply.

Sure, you can spend over $100 on some really great tanks or classic tees but you also do not have to spend that much to get a sustainable item.  Before you say "That's insane to spend over $100 on a basic..." remember that you often (not always though!) get what you pay for. We all place value on different things. Some may think it's crazy to spend over $200 on jeans but I say "don't knock it til you try a pair on!" If you're replacing basics often because they lose their shape, fade or the fabric starts looking bad, you probably end up spending more than what your initial cost would be if you would have "splurged" initially. Here are some examples of over $100 items in comparison to our Z Supply items (most under $40).

Through all of my years in retail (clothing and footwear) around all price points and quality levels, I have chosen to model my business around a mid-range price point and sprinkle in some slightly higher-end pieces) so that a woman with just about any budget can come in and find something she feels confident in. I choose items that are sewn well, feel good to the touch and have a good fit for the price of each particular item. Remember, having items tailored to your body can make even the most inexpensive piece look much better. Fit is very individual, and often clothing off the rack needs some tailoring for it to fit your body just right.

My experience has been that women who understand what they're buying and choose to spend a little more on their wardrobe are more satisfied than when they buy a product that is of "cheap" quality. Recently, I had a friend tell me that she used to pick up inexpensive (under $20) basics but once she bought Z Supply, there was no turning back as she has been pleased with how well they wash and don't lose shape or "ball up." Most all of these retail under $40 and $50 and can be found on our website HERE.

So, why this post about highlighting tees and tanks? I, for one, am a sucker for good basics. I have just about every color in our Sirena tank. I have washed and dried them sooooo many times over the last couple years and they are still my go-to to wear alone with a great pair of jeans or layered under a blazer or denim jacket. When your look is super simple but you still want to look presentable, never underestimate the power of an essential tee or tank from our Z Supply Collection. To polish your look, always wear a necklace or 2, some simple hoops or a stack of bracelets. Jewelry, a belt and cute shoes can always elevate an otherwise "basic" look. Sometimes, the days I feel most beautiful are the days that I am in a simple tee or tank paired with jeans, trousers or even a maxi skirt.

As always, thank you for choosing to shop Hazel's Haven.

May 02, 2023 — Meagan & Cathy Matlock & Tinder