The Hazel’s Haven Mission

Hazel’s Haven was founded in 2012 by Cathy and Meagan, a mother/daughter duo. We pride ourselves in running our business with a lot of heart and high standards. We love retail and the relationships with our customers. Between us we have sixty plus years of retail experience. For us, it’s about more than shopping. It’s about helping you look and feel your best.

What’s in a name?

Cathy’s mother’s name (Meagan’s grandma) was Hazel and Haven is Meagan’s daughter’s name. Haven means “safe place.” We always want our brick-and-mortar store to serve as a safe place... an enjoyable, welcoming, uplifting place for our clientele when shopping.

Our History

Along with owning and operating several businesses throughout her life, Cathy managed a popular hometown clothing store in her twenties. Since a very young age, she has dreamt of owning her own clothing store. With God’s perfect timing, Cathy finally got to live out her dream - best of all, with her daughter. Among all her successes, however, she will tell you her greatest blessing in life is being “Momo” (grandma to Haven).

Meagan co-managed a hometown retail store in Fort Smith until the birth of her child, Haven. She used her love of style and clothing to run a popular blog that led her to personal shopping and closet consulting. She loved helping women get the most out of their wardrobe. Meagan had a desire to own her own business since she first had a taste of retail in her teens. Her husband had a huge role in encouraging and helping her make that desire a reality. Hazel’s Haven had its grand opening in 2012, only 1 year after their daughter was born. God’s timing is everything.

Our Future

We get new merchandise weekly, sometimes even daily. Cathy and Meagan hand-select all of the clothing that we offer. Our customers are always our inspiration when buying collections for our store. Inventory is always changing. Our goal is to carry timeless classics and stand-out pieces that you will want to keep forever and even trendy pieces so you can try new looks. Our focus is always on quality and giving things to you at a fair price. We stock our store with pieces that three generations can enjoy. We love when we are the one-stop-shop for daughter, mom and grandma!

Our shop has amazing customer service. We hold ourselves to a high standard. Whether you talk to Meagan, Cathy or one of our “shop girls,” we all have a passion for making sure you love your look and feel welcome, seen and comfortable.

Thank you for supporting our family-owned small business. Without you, we are nothing.

Hazel's Haven owners and worker