I’ve often been asked “Who is your customer? Who is your target market?”

Many will say you can’t have too broad of an audience… it won’t work, but we have sustained a wide range of ages.  Now, it may be that one particular week daughter, mom & grandma come in together and grandma doesn’t find anything she can’t live without or maybe the 16 year old isn’t feeling it, but they come back a couple weeks later and both find multiple pieces they love. This happens all the time because our inventory is constantly revolving and changing.

I would say, however, that the most common age range we see the most is 30-50… busy moms on the go who want quality clothing without breaking the bank for every item she owns. She either works in an office and loves our Liverpool suit sets and trousers or is a busy stay at home mom who lives in our Z Supply collection. When she needs a dress for a special occasion or really, really great-fitting jeans, she knows she can rely on us to help her find the perfect piece.

We love knowing our customers. 

The future of HH excites me because people are hungry for real relationships, not those that are behind a screen. Women want an experience. To know that who they are shopping with appreciates their business and cares about them. To be able to touch, feel and try on or if shopping online, to know that there are friendly people just a call, FaceTime or video or text message away for more assistance about product information. Our work ethic at HH is top notch. Sure there may be days we all need a little more grace from each other than others but overall, I feel confident that you will have a great shopping experience at HH no matter your age or style. 

April 24, 2023 — Meagan Matlock