Sheila Fajl Tiny Small Chantal Hoop


Handmade in Brazil. This Thinner version of our Small Chantal Hoops will be one of your Sheila favorites.  Easy to wear with everything and Hand Brushed to emit a beautiful glow! Brilliantly cast out of a lightweight, strong, blend of metals, the hoops are prepped in a plating facility and hand brushed, one at a time. The result is a hoop weighing less than anything on the market, that will last for a long time, and that looks gorgeous. 

Comes in three sizes just like our Everybody's Favorite Hoops:
Thin, Petite Thin, and Tiny Thin.

Thin: Approximately 1.25" in diameter and 5mm thick.
Petite: Approx 1"
Tiny: Approx .75"